Campaign Feats

Players are free to play any race from the player`s handbook. Humans are the dominant race of the kingdom of Valorn and the wider world. Human’s from Valorn display traits of the stereotypical Viking (able to row all morning, fight all afternoon and drink all night). Humans have access to some additional feats not found in the player’s handbook, including:

Marauder’s Prowess (Human)

Pre-requisites: Proficient with Axes and/or Spears
Benefit: Gain a +2 feat bonus to damage rolls with weapon(s) (axes/spears) you have proficiency with.

Human Resilience (Human)

Prerequisites: Con 13, Toughness
Benefit: Use your second wind as a minor action instead of a standard action.

Twin Blows (Fighter)

Prerequisites: Dex 13, Two-Weapon fighting, Fighter, combat challenge
Benefit: If you hit a foe with an attack granted by the Combat Challenge class feature, add you dexterity modifier to the damage roll.
Special: This benefit only applies to attacks when wielding two weapons.

Campaign Feats

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