Character Creation

Character generation is done according to Jay’s new stat acquisition version 3.0:

  1. Do point-buy as described in the player’s handbook.
  2. Assign equations to each stat based on your point-buy:
    • 16-18: 13 + 1d3 + 1d2
    • 14-15: 10 + 2d4
    • 12-13: 6 + 2d6
    • 8-11: 3d6
  3. Take a -3 penalty to a stat with an 8 or 9.
  4. Assign a bonus to any odd stat or 2 bonuses to an 18 stat. These can only raise an ability score to what you bought in step 1:
    • 12-17: +1
    • 9-11: +2
    • 3-8: +3
  5. Choose either the stats from the point-buy or the ones generated by the equations.

Additional details & discussions can be found at here.


Non-human characters are sometimes looked upon with suspicion and fear (though this generally has no in game play outside of role playing). Tieflings inspire more fear and suspicion than other non-human characters as a result of their links to otherworldly powers. This can sometimes (depending on region or community) result in a -2 penalty to social situations involving diplomacy but likewise will result in a +2 bonus to intimidate. These bonuses and penalties do not apply in and around Skarl.

Character Creation

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