The Kingdom of Valorn

Legand says that the Kings of Valorn were given the sword of Valorn and set upon the thrown by the gods themselves. But in the time of grandfathers’ grandfathers, during the battle against the evil one, Kul’Herrick, the line of Kings and the sword of Valorn were lost. Some say that the gods will restore the line of the Kings of Valorn; but, until that time jarls, chieftains and pretenders alike vie with one another for the throne of Valorn. What had once been a mighty kingdom has been torn into a vast number of jarldoms and free cities separated by treacherous wilds.

Whether seeking the lost fortunes of Valorn in the wild lands, pillaging the neighbouring kingdoms in one of many seasonal raiding parties or acting as a mercenary to any one of the constantly warring factions; opportunity abounds for those who are brave and fierce enough.


  • The Village of Skarl
  • The Hamlet of Skerring

Bodies of Water

  • Mikill Sea (Kingdom of Valorn)
  • Lake Aztr (Hvitr Mountains)
    • Source of the River Sven
  • River Sven (Skarl)
    • Flows from Lake Aztr in Hvitr Mountains to Skarl


  • Hvitr Mountains (Valorn)


  • Myrkr Forest (Skarl)
    • Ancient forest which is largly unexplored
    • Serves as the source for much of Skarl’s furs


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